Egyptian Voice Over Booth

Video of booth
Video of space outside booth

The goal is to have ventilation in the booth without having to tie into the buildings HVAC system. Our theatre director says that is a can of worms we want to avoid as this our new YouTheatre studios in the basement of a building that has retail on main level and condos on upper level so lots of HOA red tape for tying in to HVAC. We don’t have time or the appetite for that if it can be avoided. The room outside the booth is very well heated/cooled so my hope is to just keep the booth the same temperature as the outside room.

I included some pics of what is supposed to be a very quiet ventilation system with a “muffler” of sorts. If we can use this great, if you have a different idea that is fine too. I can return it.

We are spending a lot of resources on making the room very sound proof so the hope is the fan/ventilation can be so quiet, and not transmit any sound from outside of the booth in, to enable the fan to run while recording with no impact on noise floor or sound quality. It is a very small space, once the thick isolated walls are built it should be just enough room for a small cart with a computer/sound gear, and one or two people shoulder to shoulder.