Stairway and Basement Flooring 5/3/2021

Not To Scale Layout

Upstairs Landing

50 x 36.5″

Stairs From Split Level Entry To Upstairs Landing

Split Entry Landing

37 x 35″

Stairs From Split Entry To Basement

Landing At Bottom Of Stairs In Basement (note broken tile, hoping to get that replaced in this process)

35 x 54″


145 x 111″

Home Theatre

148″ x 119″

Hallway (Note step up from basement landing, half of basement is at a different level)

102 x 46″

Laundry Room

We are good with keeping same tiles here, just want to fix the one broken one

149 x 110″

Computer Room

148 x 102″

Chelsea’s Hallway/Closet

View is from inside her room, there is a weird “ramp” where the thick walls are where the elevation goes from higher in the hallway closet area to lower in the room

61 x 70″

Chelsea’s (and Violet The Kitty’s) Room

143 x 100″

Nick’s Room

148 x 123″

Nick’s Closet/Storage Room

134 x 68″


Would like to get new tile in here, you can see the vinyl sticker tiles are super crappy and coming unglued

67 x 58″

We want to match the upstairs hardwood, here:

We can purchase materials if that is best or if you have a line on better pricing, that is great too. We found the following at Home Depot, close in style, color is a little different:

We haven’t settled on tile for the bathroom yet. We can certainly find something and let you know. Open to suggestions on where to look if you have any.

Thank you very much!