An Island Like No Other


The island of Taniti was founded by Sir Jonathan when he was forced to flee the feudalism of 1080’s England. He accidentally ran over the king’s pet cockatoo in a freak horse on bird accident and was forced from England with just his bird hating horse, his exceedingly lovely wife and children, and his share of the fortunes he had plundered from non christian nations during the dark ages. He was able to buy a ship and sail to Taniti, conquer it, and appoint himself as monarch. His great great granddaughter, Wendy the Witless is the current monarch of Taniti.

There are 2 official languages of Taniti. Originally Sir Jonathan would only acknowledge the English language, however he was persuaded by the native inhabitants to recognize Tanitian as a second official language when they suspended his only son over an active volcano until King Jonathan acquiesced.

The island of Taniti is a temperate climate and host to many bird and mammal species unique to the island. The bobble headed yack squirrel is but one such example.

The traditions of Taniti are rooted in a mash up of christianity and voodoo. Christdoo is what the locals have come to call it. It consists mostly of loving your neighbor and barring that, making little dolls that allow you to control them instead.