Fun Activities on and Around Taniti


One of the most iconic activities for guests of Taniti is swimming with the killer sharks that call the temperate waters near Taniti’s shoreline home. Schedule your swim of destiny here.

Taniti’s shoreline bike trails offer excitement, exercise, and amazing vista’s. Discount bike rentals available here.

Taniti Tim’s axe throwing gallery is world renowned. Sign up for you and your family’s axe throwing session now.

For student’s of exotic religions the 24 Hour Church of Voodoo will be an experience like no other. Be careful you don’t wind up with a shrunken head!

Shop till you drop in Taniti’s legendary shopping and arts district. Featuring art, clothing, and memorabilia from local artisans the shopping and arts district will help you spend the day in style. Keep your wallet close at hand though. Taniti is well known for being the home of the most skilled child pick pockets in the world. Something about the tropical air seems to bread children adept at such dark arts. If you should suffer a picked pocket, never fear, the local police force will be happy to hunt down and chop off a hand of the child responsible. Not lucky enough to get pick pocketed? With a little luck you will still be able to witness an impromptu pick pocket be-handing as you walk the never dull streets of Taniti’s shopping and arts district.