Always Eat Well on Taniti


Always wanted to try puffer fish but fear death? You will likely survive if you sample the puffer fish from Taniti Fish Shack or one of the many other local restaurants featuring poisonous fish on the menu. Puffer fish death tally for this year is currently at 2.

Have a sweat tooth? Stop by Andrew’s Gourmet Twinkies. Are you the only person in your immediate social circle that has managed to avoid diabetes? Well your winning streak will come to an end once you put one of these delicious diet killing delectables in your mouth. Diabetes is not assured but likely after ingesting one or more gourmet Twinkie.

Want a perfectly typical American dining experience? Hopefully Denny’s will be open when you visit.

Lucky enough to have access to a kitchen as part of your lodging? You need to stop by Half Foods grocery store. Known the island over for having extremely overpriced moderately healthy food.